10 Best YouTube Channels For 40 Year Old's (2023)

10 Best YouTube Channels For 40 Year Old's (1)

Since its beginnings, YouTube has come a long way. Thirteen years after its inception in a cramped office above a San Mateo pizzeria, the platform is publishing a staggering 300 hours of footage every minute, and about one billion hours are usually watched every day!

As a result of its simplicity, the audience is larger and more diverse. Older users, in particular, who previously found modern technology overwhelming, are increasingly using the web. Are you interested in finding out all the details of the best YouTube channels for 40 years olds? Then this article is a must-read for you.

Table of contents

  • 10 Best YouTube Channels For 40-Years-olds
    • #1. Tim Rowett – Grand Illusions
    • #2. National Geographic
    • #3. Postmodern Jukebox
    • #4. Yoga With Adriene
    • #5. Sugar Puff And Fluff
    • #6. ElderGym Fitness for Seniors
    • #7. Kevin and Lill
    • #8. The Angry Grandpa
    • #9. Cyber-Seniors Corner
    • #10. CNN International
  • FAQs on YouTube channels for 40 year old’s
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Recommendations

10 Best YouTube Channels For 40-Years-olds

Among the limitless collection of YouTube exists a few select channels which produce the best content for 40-year-olds. Rather than force you to find them yourself, we’ve carefully curated a list of what we think are the 10 best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds.

#1. Tim Rowett – Grand Illusions

Subscribers: 2.05M

Views: 50M

Tim Rowett’s channel is for you if you’re into unusual toys and optical illusions (and who isn’t? ). Rowett, known as one of the best YouTubers over 50 in 2015, collects random and strange toys that are both fascinating and mesmerizing to watch.

These are two of his most popular videos: Apple balloons (literally, balloons that look like apples) and Euler’s disc (a disc that takes an absurdly long time to stop spinning). He has also reviewed yodeling gherkins, unusual origami, “yo balls,” and a variety of other items.

Tim’s videos are frequently very short, rarely exceeding five minutes in length, and frequently falling under three minutes, making them very easy to digest. The only disadvantage is that you will be able to watch his entire video library in much less time.

Tim’s channel has nearly2.05 million subscribers, so if the description doesn’t sway you, perhaps the insane popularity of his content will.

Tim has a charming British accent that would have been right at home on a BBC program in the past and a fantastic screen presence and a quirky sense of humor, all of which combine to make for a very entertaining watch. This is one of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds out there.


#2. National Geographic

Subscribers: 20.3M

Views: 5.1B

You’re never too old to get interested in things, and the intrigue from National Geographic is especially exciting. Few channels can compete with National Geographic for videos on science, exploration, and adventure.

The Nat Geo channel posts new videos every day with a different theme each day. History and Culture, Nature, Environment, Exploration, Science, Fun Facts, and Travel and Adventure are among the themes covered. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find something to keep you entertained here.

Furthermore, because Nat Geo is a network channel with a TV budget, the production quality of these videos is noticeably higher than the average YouTube video. This is one of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds available.


(Video) 40 YouTube Channel Ideas 2023 | Faceless & without Voice Ideas

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#3. Postmodern Jukebox

Subscribers: 5.75M

Views: 1.8B

Whether we like to admit it or not, we generally prefer what we’re used to covering what’s new and different. This is especially true when confronted with a new version of something you first encountered when you were younger.

That’s why any reboot of a TV show is often met with a flood of “it’s not as good as the original” comments, whether or not it is, in fact, as good as the original. Leaving that aside, there’s nothing wrong with preferring the music you grew up with, but it does limit your options for finding new music to listen to for the older generations among us.

This is where Postmodern Jukebox comes in. It is a music channel that creates vintage-style covers of modern hits. Expect to hear unexpected genre pairings like Paramore’s pop-punk hit Misery Business in 1940s jazz stylings or Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire in 1960s soul stylings.

The music is usually accompanied by videos of the musicians dressed appropriately for the period and genre they perform. In their playlist section, you can also find a variety of useful groupings that sort the songs by genre, decade, and artist, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. This is one of the best YouTube channels available.


#4. Yoga With Adriene

Subscribers: 11.3M

Views: 1.1B

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for seniors, and the most popular Yoga YouTube channel is Yoga with Adriene. So it was a no-brainer to include it on this list.

Adriene is a fantastic yoga instructor (yogi? ), and there’s a reason her channel is so popular. She has a Yoga for Beginners video series that is a great place to start for seniors. But she also has Yoga PE for kids, which features her dog Benjie (which is an excellent reason to follow this series instead).

Adriene’s Yoga for Back Pain video series is another excellent option for seniors, particularly those over 40 who are at risk of back pain. Yoga with Adriene is a great channel to subscribe to if you want to strengthen your muscles and burn some calories while also helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Adriene also has a great personality; she can be amusing and playful, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously, which many yoga instructors do. She has no ego, which is impressive considering she receives 8 million views per video. This is one of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds out there.


#5. Sugar Puff And Fluff

Subscribers: 305K

Views: 42M

(Video) These 4 Things Will Get YOUR YouTube Channel DELETED

Most people believe that YouTube beauty videos are only for millennials, but a new breed of addictive how-to videos is now aimed at people over the age of 40. This is exactly what vlogger Nisha owner of the YouTube channel Sugar Puff and Fluff does. Her channel is full of YouTube videos geared towards women 40 years and older.

She also includes videos on various other topics, ranging from general aging to shopping hauls and her own life experiences. Nisha is a natural on camera, casual and honest.

According to an interview she took in which they asked about her source of inspiration, She gave the reply. “Things that are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing inspire me. I enjoy makeup, but I also enjoy interior decorating and being creative.

Many women abandon make-up as they get older because their faces, eyes, and skin change and they no longer know how to apply it. I hope to demonstrate to them that beauty is timeless and that with a few simple tips and tricks, we can all look great no matter our age.

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YouTube is flooded with very young girls and women who are amazing. However, they are of no assistance to more mature women like myself.” The Sugar Puff and Fluff channel are one of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-old women looking for a touch of beauty.


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#6. ElderGym Fitness for Seniors

Subscribers: 28.8K

Views: 5M

Though the average 40-year-body old’s may not be up to the rigors of regular 10k runs and high-intensity weight lifting, this is no reason to stop exercising.

ElderGym, as you may have guessed, is a channel dedicated to fitness for the elderly. These exercises are mostly designed to maximize your workout without overstressing your body. Back strengthening, cardio fitness for seniors, and other topics are covered in the videos.

The majority of the videos are presented by Dough Schrift, a Certified Geriatric Specialist, and Senior Fitness Coach; however, there are occasionally videos presented by others on the channel. Doug’s stated goal is to assist seniors in becoming strong and stable, regardless of whether they have previously exercised.

While we don’t recommend running marathons, keeping your body in the best shape possible is important, and ElderGym is a great way to do just that. It is one of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds in need of a way to keep their bodies fit.


#7. Kevin and Lill

Subscribers: 525K

Views: 56M

One of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds is Kevin and Lill. You won’t find a better channel than Kevin and Lill for some good old senior comedy. Although technically Kevin’s channel, Lill is the star of the show.

(Video) 15 Tips for STARTING a Successful YouTube Channel

Her hilarious personality has landed her appearances on mainstream television shows hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Steve Harvey.

According to one Mashable interview, Lill says her YouTube exploits keep her young, and she enjoys the fact that none of her friends seems to care about her Internet fame.

Lill first gained popularity on YouTube with videos in which Kevin would take her driving and just chat with her. Still, you can expect to see plenty of hilarity, such as Lill answering Google’s most frequently searched questions, attempting ASMR for the first time, and learning about Internet trends.

This channel is great for older people because they can often relate to Lill’s reactions to Internet culture quirks. The fact that her reactions are extremely amusing is just the cherry on top. This is one of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds that love comedy.


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#8. The Angry Grandpa

Subscribers: 4.71M

Views: 1.6B

Being 40-year-olds, you definitely have a lot to complain about.The Angry Grandpa channelis ideal for people who want to know that they are not alone in their dissatisfaction. Charles Green Jr. runs this channel and is enraged about sports and politics.

Attention! We all know that we can’t expect an angry person always to be polite, right? On the other hand, this grandpa is a little too angry and may curse a lot. If you are offended or sensitive to the use of profanity, you should avoid watching the videos on this channel.

The Angry Granpa is one of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds ready to let out all the frustration they feel.

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Angry Grandpa has over 4.5 million subscribers and a fanbase that spans beyond their age bracket. Expect a lot of videos with titles like “Angry Grandpa Hates…” and many amusing reactions to things like VR and… well, Doug. This is one of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds.


#9. Cyber-Seniors Corner

Subscribers: 3.34K

Views: 603K

Although much of this channel performance is by seniors, it’s not necessarily for only seniors but can be useful for all age brackets. may even inspire some seniors to pick up a camera and create their content.

But also because the channel’s driving force is the desire to educate seniors on all things Internet. In a nutshell, Cyber-Seniors Corner is a YouTube channel where seniors share their wisdom.

(Video) WPEC-TV 2022 Florida Gubernatorial Debate

Beginning with a video by one Cyber-Senior on how to make a grilled-cheese sandwich with nothing more than an iron, the channel has expanded to include advice, tips, and lifehacks from a variety of seniors. The Cyber-Seniors Corner is one of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds


#10. CNN International

Subscribers: 14.1M

Views: 12B

“Why would I go for the YouTube Channel when I can watch the news on TV?” you may be thinking. We can assure you that the videos on YouTube are not the same as those shown on television.

CNN International on YouTube is far superior to CNN domestic and covers far more global events. This is one of the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds.

CNN International

FAQs on YouTube channels for 40 year old’s

Which age is best for making YouTube channel?

Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to create their channels or accounts on YouTube, and children between the ages of 13 and 17 are only permitted to open them with parental permission.

Can you be too old to start a YouTube channel?

Starting a YouTube channel is never too late. If you haven’t already started a YouTube channel, now is the time.

Which country uses YouTube the most?

The country with the most active YouTube users is India. At least 467 million people in India regularly use YouTube, accounting for approximately 16% of the total population. With approximately 240 million active YouTube users, the United States ranks second in the world.


Finally,YouTube is idealfor senior citizens because many channels promote active, healthy lifestyles and do not allow age to be a barrier for people, which it is not. It is also a convenient location to gain practical experience and advice from caregivers or other seniors.

(Video) Shy 14-Year-Old Boy SHOCKS The Judges With His Voice! | Best of the Best

Then we recommend that you give YouTube a try, but if you still do not want to, we recommend that you look for other senior hobby ideas to fill your daytime and find a way to spend it happily.

I hope this article served as a perfect guide for the best YouTube channels for 40-year-olds.




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What is the average YouTuber age? ›

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Do Millennials watch YouTube? ›

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How old is Ryan Kaji now? ›

Fast forward to 2022, Ryan is now a 10-year-old millionaire, living in Honolulu. “We had no idea Ryan's videos were going to be such a big hit, and we've been putting out fun videos ever since!” said Shion Kaji, Ryan's dad.

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He is YouTube's number one in terms of popularity and number of subscribers.

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  • Audience-decided Content. ...
  • Current Events.

Is it worth starting a YouTube channel 2022? ›

You actually have an advantage if you start out in 2022, compared to a few years ago. When you start now, you are able to spy on big YouTube channels and see what they are doing and learn from their mistakes.

Is YouTube popular 2022? ›

According to the latest YouTube statistics, the video-sharing platform has 2.6 billion users worldwide as of 2022 (Statista, 2022). It's ranked as the second-most popular social network, and the only platform that has more active users than YouTube is Facebook.


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