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1. "New Earth" - The Doctor and Rose head far into the future to another planet. Which foe from their past intercepts them there?

Answer: Lady CassandraHeading to the year 5,000,000,023, the Doctor (newly transformed) and Rose head to New Earth where, to the Doctor's surprise, they're summoned to a local hospital specializing in advanced cures for all of the diseases ever seen. There, the Doctor finds the Face of Boe near death, but Rose is sidetracked and attacked by Lady Cassandra who, in a shocking plot twist, takes over the companion's mind to secure a new body and set free the diseased humans in the basement of the hospital building. Lady Cassandra is forced to take over several bodies during the course of the story, inevitably taking over one that puts her near death.

After putting an end to the contagion spreading through the hospital and speaking to the enigmatic Face of Boe, he and Rose take Lady Cassandra back in time to meet her former self and, narcissistically, spend her last moments telling her how beautiful she looks.

2. "Tooth and Claw" - This episode features which famous British historical figure who, as it seems, commissioned Torchwood?

Answer: Queen VictoriaAttempting to travel back in time to 1979 to go to a concert, The Doctor and Rose accidentally head to 1879 Scotland at the precise time Queen Victoria heads toward Balmoral Castle. They all end up reaching a monastery for the night, but end up coming face to face with a group of monks led by a werewolf. What results is a fight for their lives. Rose ends up captured and placed under duress with the other women in the building while The Doctor spends time with Queen Victoria. Ultimately they're able to save the day by killing the werewolf with a special device used to magnify moonlight through the Koh-i-Noor Diamond. Queen Victoria, however, is scratched by the beast (and, it seems, infected with haemophilia).

When The Doctor and Rose leave, Queen Victoria decides to form Torchwood in anticipation of their possible return.

3. "School Reunion" - This episode saw the return of what former companion of The Doctor?

Answer: Sarah Jane SmithRose and The Doctor are called back to the present day by Mickey in order to uncover the truth about some odd goings-on at a private school. The case inevitably forces them to run into former companion Sarah Jane Smith who traveled with the Third/Fourth Doctor in the past; she also happens to have K-9 Mk. III in her possession.

They all help discover the presence of the Krillitanes who've been using the schoolchildren to unravel the mysteries of the universe. They're all able to stop the foes (with the explosive help of K-9). Sarah Jane is finally able to say goodbye to The Doctor (who gives her the next upgrade of K-9 to continue her own adventures) before Mickey joins the duo in the TARDIS.

4. "The Girl in the Fireplace" - What historical figure became the focus of The Doctor in this episode?

Answer: Madame de PompadourThe Doctor, Rose, and Mickey end up on a spaceship far in the future and far across space which, oddly, seems to have doorways and windows into pre-Revolutionary France. The Doctor ends up embroiled in a plot between a race of clockwork aliens and the beautiful Reinette, better known as Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV. Popping into Reinette's life at different moments, The Doctor is able to save her and protect her brain, but only by separating himself and the robots from their spaceship once and for all.

He only returns through the fireplace, carefully reconstructed from his first meeting with Reinette.

5. "Rise of the Cybermen"/"The Age of Steel" - Who of the following is transformed into a Cyberman in an alternate, parallel universe?

Answer: Jackie TylerThe trio ends up in an alternate London to find an odd world in front of them. While The Doctor tries to recharge the battery on the TARDIS, Mickey runs off to investigate alone and Rose searches for her alternate parents, discovering that her mother and father (alive in this world) are wealthy.

As it turns out, the world is also being put to war at the same time when a man named John Lumic sets loose his Cybermen, robotic figures with human brains and tissues with their emotions inhibited. To escape London, they all need to escape and defeat the Cybermen.

They ultimately do when Mickey determines the inhibitor code, leading him to make the decision to stay in parallel London with his Gran, destroying other Cyberman bases. Rose shares a tearful goodbye as she and The Doctor depart.

6. "The Idiot's Lantern" - Heading back to 1950s London, The Doctor and Rose come face to face with an alien inhabiting which of the following?

Answer: TelevisionEnding up in North London on the day before Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, The Doctor and Rose are pulled into a new mystery, this time involving people who, getting their first black-and-white televisions, started to disappear. As it turned out, a hungry refugee alien force known as 'The Wire' had decided to inhabit a television, convincing a local electronics salesman to proliferate his products and spread its influence, transforming people into faceless, near-brainless creatures.

When Rose is taken by The Wire, The Doctor needs to team up with a local boy to shut down the enemy, saving the locals before the signal can spread around the city.

7. "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit" - The Doctor and Rose travel into the future, quite far from Earth, to a planet circling which of the following?

Answer: Black holeThe planet is allegedly 'impossible' because it should be completely impossible to stay in orbit; a gravitational funnel keeps it far enough to avoid being sucked in. The Doctor and Rose meet the crew, discovering that they're there to determine the truth behind the planet (along with their servants, The Ood).

When the TARDIS sinks into the planet after an earthquake, they hang around just in time to find that a creature, known simply as 'The Beast', is rising from the hole being drilled to the core.

The Doctor descends into the pit to find none other than what must be Satan himself chained below while Rose is forced aboard the escape ship. Fortunately, the Doctor is able to overcome the creature, find the TARDIS, and save Rose before they fly off once again.

8. "Love & Monsters" - Does this episode take place on Earth?

Answer: Yes This story actually takes place with very little of The Doctor and Rose, instead following a man named Elton as he and a group of Londoner's try to locate The Doctor. Doing so attracts the attention of a man named Victor Kennedy who, actually, is an alien who comes to be known as the Abzorbaloff.

This alien ends up absorbing all of the members of Elton's investigation group, but not before Elton gets the chance to meet Jackie Tyler, attracting the attention of Rose and The Doctor anyways. They end up stopping by to give the inspiration needed to beat the monster before flying off again.

9. "Fear Her" - The Doctor and Rose end up facing off against an Isolus during what particular event?

Answer: 2012 Olympic GamesLanding in London in 2012, The Doctor and Rose investigate the disappearance of several children in a neighbourhood only to determine that an Isolus is using a young girl to remedy its loneliness. As it turns out, the girl, Chloe, is able to draw things and pull people into the pages she creates.

When the Doctor disappears in this manner, Rose is forced to find the spaceship and toss it into the Olympic Torch, freeing the Isolus and saving the world from being pulled into the paper. The Doctor, always one to showboat a bit, lights the Olympic Cauldron.

10. "Army of Ghosts"/"Doomsday" - The Doctor and Rose finally discover the headquarters of Torchwood, leading to a battle between the Cybermen and which other major foes found in a ship designed to travel through the void between universes?

Answer: DaleksWhen The Doctor and Rose return to London to visit Jackie, they discover that ghosts have been appearing around the world for two months. Following the signal from which the ghosts are 'activated', they end up coming across Torchwood, the headquarters of an organization created by Queen Victoria after the "Tooth and Claw" episode found in Canary Wharf. As it turns out, the 'ghosts' are Cybermen being pulled through a portal between two worlds-- Rose's Earth and the second Earth from "Rise of the Cybermen". When the window finally breaks and lets them all in, it happens at the same time that Rose (and a hidden Mickey) discover the contents of a mysterious sphere of non-energy-- the Cult of Skaro, four Daleks seeking to open the Genesis Ark, actually a prison for countless Dalek forces. What results is a war between Cybermen and Daleks with humankind in the middle. The Earth is only saved when The Doctor and Rose open the portal into the void, sending all of their enemies through into the nothingness to rid them from both universes. Unfortunately, as Rose is nearly pulled into the void, Pete saves her at the last moment, grabbing her and teleporting her into the alternate world, but trapping her there with Jackie and Mickey, unable to reach The Doctor again. Using the power of a supernova, months later, The Doctor and Rose have a tearful goodbye in her Norway, specifically Bad Wolf Bay, before they're separated forever.

In the TARDIS, The Doctor is shocked to find a woman in a wedding dress who has suddenly appeared, despite their floating in space.

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