Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (2023)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (1)

Online shopping is not only the need of the hour, it's become trendy to log onto online stores, add what you want in the cart, proceed to check out, pay and voila, your purchases are delivered straight to your very doorstep!

Online stores are popping up everywhere now, and we bet you don't even know some of them are out there. That's why we've put together list of online stores, you may not have heard of but will become part of your life by the time you've finished scrolling down!

1. Store974 (Gaming PCs, PC parts, gaming equipment, gaming furniture, gaming accessories, etc.)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (2)

Store974, Qatar's first PC Gaming Store opened the doors of its flagship store at The Gate Mall in 2019 and it's proud to call itself as every gaming enthusiast's one-stop shop for all of their PC needs! It's partnered up with key premium brands such as Noble Chairs, NZXT, Razer, Zotac, PNY, Arctic, DeepCool, Gamer Storm, EKWB and much more to ensure that the store features a competitive selection that could cater to the needs of gaming enthusiasts and businesses alike.

2. Pretty Little Thing Qatar (Women's wear, accessories, etc.)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (3)

Pretty Little Things is one of the UK's biggest online stores, and guess what! Pretty Little Thing is now in Qatar.

Pretty Little Things is one of the UK's biggest online stores, and guess what! Pretty Little Thing is now in Qatar. Pretty Little Thing believes style should be accessible to all, whatever your budget may be. It delivers products inspired that are inspired by the catwalk and the latest trends in the market. Women know they can trust Pretty Little Thing for everything they need when it comes to fashion and beauty, including outfits, shoes, accessories, activewear and party pieces that will make heads turn!

What are you waiting for? Click on the link Pretty Little Thing Qatar and go order some beautiful, reasonable priced women's wear

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3. Far Out Delivery (Groceries, household items, personal care, etc.)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (4)

If you're looking for a great delivery service, Far Out Delivery's the one for you, and guess what? They deliver to all locations in Qatar including Dukhan, Mesaieed, Ruwais, Al Khor, etc. within the same day. From groceries to personal care to all kinds of household items, you can get them here.

Just click on Far Out Delivery and order away!

4. Doha Family Store (kids toys)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (5)

Doha Family Store comes with the intention of serving the families in Qatar with the best quality of service. It has the best in the market for fathers and sons, mothers and daughters with very high-quality toys and pieces. Doha Family Store hopes to be able to bring to its customers' one-of-a-kind designs and merchandise you won't find anywhere else.

Everyone is welcome at this colourful online store. Feel free to check out Doha Family Store and purchase their awesome products. Your kids will love them!

5. Viva Flora Qatar (Flowers, planters, gifts, landscaping, vases, etc)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (6)

Viva Flora sells fresh flowers, planters, vases, preserved flowers, preserved trees, green walls, indoor/outdoor landscaping and beautiful gift items for different occasions. It's a 100% Qatari family-owned business. We are renowned for matching conceptual design, customer-personalized touches and eco-friendly maintenance-free products to homes and businesses. Its aim is to deliver 100% satisfaction to our customers while delivering exceptional quality and reducing water wastage.

All you need to do is click on Viva Flora Qatar and order fresh flowers, planters, gift items or whatever it is you need!

6. Jazp (electronics, mobiles, perfumes, sports stuff, etc.)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (7) is the leading online shopping platform Qatar. Developed in 2018, its vast product mix includes exclusive in-house collections, sports, electronics, mobiles, perfumes and globally recognised brands. Jazp prides itself on the range and prices of its products, which are 100% genuine. has grown into a brand that champions digital innovation, has a fiercely independent spirit and inspires its fashion loving customers to experiment with their style. To make your shopping fun, you get rewards for all activities you do on the site; you can share and review purchases with friends, collect badges, and win awards. Sourcing brands locally and internationally, Jazp delivers all the latest trends to your doorstep, whenever you want them.

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Check out Jazp today and enjoy an incredible shopping experience!

7. GetIt.Qa (electronics, home appliances, furniture, clothing, beauty products, food products, stationery, etc.)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (8)

GetIt.Qa is one of Qatar’s largest online marketplaces, with a wide assortment of diverse product categories from national, international brands and with the support of thousands of users and sellers. You can order electronics, home appliances, furniture, clothing, beauty and grooming products, food products, stationery, industrial products, B2B services, and more. Get their discounted deals, gift vouchers, free home delivery anywhere in Qatar and Pay cash/card on delivery.

All you have to do is click on GetIt.Qa, order what you want and have it delivered to you!

8. (Groceries, electronics, PCs, laptops, clothes, shoes, bags, home and kitchen appliances, etc.)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (9) can transform your online shopping into an exciting experience so you can enrich your shopping list wisely. They have a wide range of products powered by fast delivery and 24/7 customer service to enhance seamless shopping. What do you need to do?

Just click on and shop to your heart's content!

9. Doha Sooq (Fashion, electronics, bags, luggage, books, jewellery perfumes, etc.)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (10)

Doha Sooq offers you the most level playing field - it does not matter who you are, where you are, what you want, or what you produce - Doha Sooq provides you the platform to buy and sell. There's Fashion, electronics, bags, luggage, books, jewellery perfumes, home and kitchen appliances, sports and fitness, grocery items, watches, flowers, cakes and so, so much more!

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Go to the website Doha Sooq, choose what you want to buy or sell, and enjoy the seamless online shopping experience.

10. Al Anees Qatar (smartphones, tablets, cameras, accessories, etc.)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (11)

Al Anees Qatar is an e-commerce business vertical of Al Anees electronics. Al Anees launched the portal in 2016 July and it has been the only portal till date to offer both online and offline shopping convenience to its customers. They have dedicated and committed professionals working behind the platform on a regular basis to ensure that they always have an edge over the competition. Al Anees Qatar offers an extensive range of latest and trendiest market-leading smartphones, tablets, cameras, accessories and more.

Al Anees Qatar offers express or one-day delivery, cash on delivery, availability of on-demand products on a greater inventory, in-house logistics and packaging. So, if you're looking for 100% genuine and authentic products with the best price in the market, check out Al Anees Qatar, and order online.

11. Core Deal (smartwatches, electronics, toys, car accessories, mobiles, etc.)

Online stores in Qatar you may not know about! (12)

Core Deal is one of Qatar's most trustful and dedicated online shopping destinations. Its aim is to create Qatar's most reliable and frictionless commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for buyers and sellers with the widest assortment of l million plus products across 100 categories from regional, national and international brands and retailers that include smartwatches, electronics, toys, car accessories, mobiles, and a whole lot more.

Core Deal offers a secure payment system, delivery anywhere in Qatar and 24/7 customer support. All you need to do is log in to Core Deal and watch to your heart's content.

Did you know about these online stores? Have you ever shopped from them? Were you happy with the service? What kind of things would you order online? Do let us know in our Comments section. Like and share the article - it keeps us going!

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Is Ebay available in Qatar? ›

When looking at what Borderlinx customers from Qatar buy online, is one of Qatar's favorite overseas retailer, and for good reason.

Which is the No 1 online shopping? ›

List of Largest Online Shopping Sites in India
  • Zomato.
  • Snapdeal.

Which is the No 1 online shopping in the world? › is ranked number 1 as the most popular website in the eCommerce & Shopping category in September 2022. The average amount of time that users spend on the website is 7 minutes, and they see, on average, 8.85 pages per visit.

Who is richer UAE or Qatar? ›

Qatar has been named the fourth richest country globally. Also, it is the first-ever Arab nation to be among the top four wealthiest nations. The latest report from Global Finance ranks other Arab countries, like the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman, positioned after Qatar.

Is Qatar gold cheap? ›

These not only look classy but are also great souvenirs to keep as a memory to your Qatar trip. Q4. Is gold cheap in Qatar? Yes, gold is available at comparatively cheaper rates in Qatar as it is tax-free and the quality and originality is also better and pure.

What items are not allowed in Qatar? ›

Weapons, firearms and ammunition. Alcoholic beverages. Pork products. Narcotic drugs.

Does Amazon exist in Qatar? ›

You'll normally have to pay around 40ر. ق QAR to have your Amazon purchase shipped to Qatar, and you may have to pay more if you're buying multiple items or your purchase is heavy or bulky. Most Amazon packages in Qatar will be delivered by Qatar Post.

Can I order from aliexpress in Qatar? ›

ColisExpat receives your Aliexpress purchases and forwards them at your house in Qatar. Aliexpress proposes a wide range of products from different categories: clothing, electronics, mobile phones, decorative objects… but they do not ship to every country in the world.

Is it cheap to shop in Qatar? ›

Even though the shopping malls are expensive in Qatar, prices are generally lower here than other Middle Eastern countries, including the wealthy neighbor, the United Arab Emirates.

What can I sell for money online? ›

#1 – What are the best things to sell to make money online?
  • Physical products: Jewelries, Posters, Pet accessories, Computer accessories, Phone accessories, Face masks.
  • Digital products: E-learning course, Designs, Arts and Illustrations.
6 Jun 2022

What is the salary of a sales lady in Qatar? ›

Average QAR 9,483 per month.

Which online store is cheapest? ›

The 50 Best Affordable Online Shopping Sites For Folks On A Budget
  • Amazon Fashion.
  • YesStyle.
  • Zara.
  • Urban Outfitters.
  • Nordstrom Rack.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • Madewell.
15 Sept 2022

What are the top 3 biggest online shopping sites? › is leading the global e-commerce market, with a revenue of US$131,019 million in 2021 worldwide, followed by with US$118,515 million. Third place is taken by with a revenue of US$51,950 million.

Which country buys most online? ›

Who spends the most online?
RankCountryEcommerce Spend Per Capita
#1United Kingdom$4,201
#2United States$3,428
#3South Korea$2,591
6 more rows
7 Sept 2021

Which is the safest online shopping app? ›

Some of the best online shopping apps in India are:
  • Amazon. There is no shortage of product types to enjoy in from its Amazon Apparel Store to Amazon Global. ...
  • Flipkart. ...
  • AliExpress. ...
  • eBay. ...
  • Myntra. ...
  • Club Factory. ...
  • TataCliq. ...
  • ShopClues.

What is the most popular online purchase? ›

Top Online Shopping Categories in the US. The latest figures on the top online shopping categories rank fashion as the most popular category of all internet purchases. Of the total ecommerce expenditure worldwide in 2022, consumers are forecast to spend $990 billion on fashion.

What is the poorest Arab country? ›

Yemen has long been the poorest country in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and is now in the midst of one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. The fighting that has been raging since early 2015 has devastated its economy, leading to severe food insecurity and destroying critical infrastructure.

Which country is No 1 rich country? ›

Luxembourg is the world's richest country and the world's largest banking centre. More than 200 banks and 1,000 investment funds operate in the capital. The high performance of Luxembourg is partly due to the fact that citizens of neighbouring countries work in the duchy: France, Germany and Belgium.

Is Qatar rich than USA? ›

Qatar, a major oil-exporting world center, is the world's third richest country. The resource-rich land with the world's biggest economy, the United States ranks 8th on the list.

What is the basic salary in Qatar? ›

According to salary survey site salaryexplorer, the average monthly salary in Qatar in 2022 is QR15,700.

How much is 1kg of gold in Qatar? ›

Qatar 24-hour gold rate live
Gold Rates per KgGold Price per Kilo [QAR] in Qatari riyalChange
1 Kilo Gold Price (1 kilogram)197,007.610.00
2 Kilos Gold Price (2 kilogram)394,015.220.00
5 Kilos Gold Price (5 kilogram)985,038.040.00
10 Kilos Gold Price (10 kilogram)1,970,076.080.00
2 more rows

Is Dubai cheaper than Qatar? ›

Cost of living in Doha (Qatar) is about the same as in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Is kissing allowed in Qatar? ›

Public displays of affection with the opposite sex in Qatar can get you in to trouble- so no kissing, canoodling, fondling in public whatsoever- whether it's with your husband or not- it can still cause offence. A peck on the cheek or holding hands with your husband is fine!

Can I take a Bible to Qatar? ›

Importing drugs, alcohol, pornography, pork products and religious books and material into Qatar is illegal. All luggage is scanned at Hamad International Airport Arrivals Hall.

What happens if you wear shorts in Qatar? ›

Dress Code in Qatar

However, there isn't a formal dress requirement. Visitors should wear covered apparel and decent attire. This suggests that neither men nor women should wear shorts or polo shirts. However, there is no particular rule that forbids the wearing of shorts or specifies their size.

Are watches cheaper in Qatar? ›

Watches aren't really that cheap here in Doha. Though you can always try Inflight Sales onboard the aircraft - they usually have some of the latest designs and prices are quite good sometimes. 2.

Does Etsy ship to Qatar? ›

You can now get your packages shipped from Etsy or any other US-based retailer to the address given to you by They'll get your shipment to their warehouse, where they can combine several individual orders into one large order. MyUS will then send it to you in Qatar.

Is Qatar under Dubai? ›

Dubai is a city, whereas Qatar is an independent nation. Dubai is a leading tourist destination of the world while Qatar is wealthy because of its oil and natural gas reserves. Qatar was a closed country till 1995 when power was seized by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa from his father.

Is Shopify is allowed in Qatar? ›

Payment gateways in Qatar 🇶🇦

Shopify has partnered with leading international payment providers to support your sales efforts. Your customers can pay in their local currency using their preferred payment method. Try Shopify for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business.

How long does Shein take to deliver to Qatar? ›

Read the item descriptions and details: You must first read the product details carefully to ensure the quality of the product, the type of material used and so on. Be patient: SHEIN needs 3-7 business days to prepare and process the order, and another 6-8 business days to ship the package, so you need to be patient.

Is AliExpress cash on delivery Qatar? ›

AliExpress Qatar offers many payment options:

Cash on Delivery (Available only in Gulf countries) Visa or MasterCard. PayPal. Bank transfer or through Western Union.

Who is the richest person of Qatar? ›

Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani is the chairman of Al Faisal Holding, one of Qatar's biggest conglomerates, which he founded in 1964. It owns more than 20 hotels around the world, including the St.

What product is Qatar famous for? ›

Qatar is known for its wide range of high-quality Arabic sweets. In souqs, shopping malls and cafes, you can sample a variety of traditional desserts and candies unique to Qatar and the Middle East.

Is it allowed to wear shorts in malls in Qatar? ›

Shorts, Leggings, and Skirts are Acceptable

Furthermore, do not wear shorts or skirts too high in public places. If you feel your wears are too short, consider wearing leggings underneath to stay within the confines of the law. This city does not allow short skirts or leggings that do not cover the knees.

How can I make $100 a day? ›

How to make $100 a day: 36 creative ways to make money
  1. Take part in research (up to $150/hour) ...
  2. Get paid to take surveys. ...
  3. Get paid to watch videos online. ...
  4. Answer questions for money. ...
  5. Download this app and make money by going online. ...
  6. Get paid to play games online. ...
  7. 7. Make an extra $100 pet sitting. ...
  8. Become a shopper.
3 Nov 2022

How can a girl make money online? ›

How to Make Money Fast as a Woman; Top 10 Ways
  1. Freelancing. Undoubtedly one of the fastest routes to making extra money online is freelancing. ...
  2. Virtual Assistant. ...
  3. Social Media Manager. ...
  4. Retail Arbitrage. ...
  5. Digital Printables on Etsy. ...
  6. Social Media Influencer. ...
  7. Dropshipping. ...
  8. Start a POD Com Store.
15 Jul 2022

What is the richest job in Qatar? ›

There are almost 25 Top Highest Paying Jobs and Careers in Qatar.
  • Surgeons / Doctors - 29,200 to 90,400 QAR.
  • Chief Executive Officers - 30,000 to 54,200 QAR.
  • IT Manager - 30,000 to 45,250 QAR.
  • Project Manager - 40,600 to 42,600 QAR.
  • Human Resource Manager - 38,300 to 40,000 QAR.
  • Judges - 24,500 to 75,900 QAR.

How much is a waiter paid in Qatar? ›

Waitress in Doha Salaries
Job TitleLocationSalary
Newrest Waiter/Waitress salaries - 1 salaries reportedDohaQAR 1,600/mo
Qatar Airways Air Waitress salaries - 1 salaries reportedDohaQAR 3,600/mo
Qatar Airways Air Waitress salaries - 1 salaries reportedDohaQAR 9,000/mo
17 more rows

How can I make $100 a day online? ›

Genuine and Creative Ways to Make $100 Dollars a Day Online
  1. Paid Surveys. ...
  2. Freelance Writing. ...
  3. Write Sponsored Posts. ...
  4. Coaching and Consultation. ...
  5. Write an Ebook or Sell Another Type of Digital Product. ...
  6. Google AdSense (You'll need a website – but you can make $100 dollars a day) ...
  7. Create Online Courses.

Is Amazon shopping available in Qatar? ›

Fortunately, Amazon will ship just about any item to Qatar—as long as you know the right way to do it. Our 2-step strategy shows you exactly how to get just about any item on delivered to Qatar. Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. There is no additional cost to you.

Which Payment Gateway is best in Qatar? ›

Fatora is the best online payment gateway in Qatar, and it offers various benefits that help increase sales, such as continuous updating and follow up on the latest technologies. Fatora is the fastest payment gateway in Qatar that facilitates the process of collecting money and organizing financial transactions.

Is there Amazon in Qatar? ›

Amazon's shipping fee to Qatar depends on the items you're buying and how quickly you want to receive them. If you use Amazon's international search portal, you can place items in your cart and see how much shipping will cost before you check out.

What is the cheapest shopping website? ›

These cheap online shopping websites appeal to people all around the world by presenting low prices and terrific deals!
  • AliExpress. You can get multiple deals from promotions on clothes, electronic devices, sports stuff, and so many products on AliExpress. ...
  • TechBargains. ...
  • Etsy. ...
  • Forever 21. ...
  • Amazon. ...
  • Newegg. ...
  • ASOS. ...
  • Cigabuy.
28 Apr 2022

Where can I find cheap clothes online? ›

The Best online shopping at a low Budget
  • Shein online shopping website.
  • H&M.
  • G3+fashion.
  • Forever 21.
  • Myntra.
  • Shopclues.
  • Amazon.
  • Flipkart.

What Cannot be shipped to Qatar? ›

Alcoholic Beverages. Animal products, non-domesticated (e.g., mother of pearl inlay, snakeskin watch bands) Articles of high/unusual value. Biological substances, Category B and exempt human or animal specimens.

Is PayPal blocked in Qatar? ›

The National Country Bank provides PayPal with an agreement to provide easy ways to mobilize the balance and send money from the bank account to the portfolio in PayPal. The National Bank of Qatar provides PayPal through Online Banking.

Is PayPal legal in Qatar? ›

QNB is the only bank offering PayPal services in Qatar. As we always strive to provide the best services to our customer. This new feature, in addition to Send Money and Top Up features, this will allow our customers to withdraw funds from their PayPal accounts to their QNB account.

Is Cashapp available in Qatar? ›

Cash App can only be used to send money within the country you live, and the service is only available in the US and UK.

Can I ship to Qatar? ›

Do You Want To Ship To Qatar From The US? Shipping to Qatar from the USA takes between 5 to 30 business days (depending on the shipping method). We ship to Qatar using carriers like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and Planet Mail. Prices start at around $10 for small packages and you get package tracking as well.


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