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Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (1)

Suezanna Caffee

Our road is a vacant road. The mail lady that past by the road across from my road said that we don't have a certain mail man. We don't get our mail when we are suppose to just whenever they get to it. I receive income through social security which they send out every month and it should be in your mail box on or before the 3rd. This is the second month I didn't receive till the 10th of the month. We didn't get our Atmos energy bill till it was already shut off. We didn't have much groceries bc a debt card was suppose to be here between 7 to 10 business days we got it on the 16th business day. Some people only get income through he mail. It is scary to think my family may have to go without because the last couple months because the mail didn't come when it was suppose to. Address 1300 blue lake way apt B bowling green KY 42104 . When I go to post office they won't go get my mail from the back. But they gave a man standing in front of me his. And my mail person told me to take my i.d up there and by law since they haven't ran the truck down our road that they have to give it to me there.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (2)

Maranda Phelps

I have two packages that I ordered on and never received them. I checked the us postal service website and it says one package was disposed and the other was returned to ups office. I just now found out this information and it was done before January 2023. I would think that the USPS postal service would have left a note or something but nothing. Very displeased with setvice


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (3)

Lena Turner

Our mail carrier has been leaving our mail box open anyone counld get the mail out. It is a new mail box and sometime takes a little extra effort to close it so I would appreciate the mail carrier to make the extra effort to make sur the box is closed. This has happen two days in a row and if we are not here things could blow out or someone could just reach in and pull the mail out. My cell number is 270-779-1443


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (4)

Gabbie B

Been trying to reach for 2 days! Package says delivered, key put into our box was the wrong key and we got someone else’s package! Still unable to get our package! USPS is a JOKE!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (5)

Jessica Parsons


No one answers the phone to answer questions ! I got an email saying my package was delivered but the key to retrieve it was not put in my mailbox!!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (6)

Marene Hackworth

I do not appreciate a Heather leaving me a message & no return phone number. I am having an issue of a package returned from Wyoming MI to Bowling Green KY the to the company in which the package is to go to. This Heather stated she was closing this claim hummm hasn't been solved!!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (7)

Mark Edward Brown


Can't get in touch with anyone and I'm not in town. Very frustrating.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (8)

Barbara J


Neither rain nor snow....nor tornado...kept the Postman from delivering my mail on Covington St. the morning after the tornado! I was really impressed to see the mail arrive in the midst of so much destruction in my area. Thank you!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (9)

Caitlin Blanton

I mailed some very important papers to progressive insurance at 1818 Wallaze suite 103 bowling green ky 42103. I guess due to the tornado the Mail has been delayed, I’m trying to find out when this issue will be resolved.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (10)

Mark Hill


I'm not sure who I need to speak with, but I'm having issues with the Bowling Green, KY post office. My rent is due on the 1st every month. I have it setup through my bill-pay every month. My bank will send out prior to the 1st so it gets there on time. For the past 6 months plus. My rent checks have been late or in a few cases returned to the bank, stating the address could not be found. The address has not changed and I have been charged because of the error of the post office. I need someone to contact me and explain why I'm having these issues. Thank you


(Video) Rural Post Offices | Kentucky Life | KET

Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (11)

Linda K Denton


I live in a apartment complex and mailboxes are all together but why does mail get put in different boxes and small packages does to, I have seen my mailman talking on phone and just putting mail in and sometimes puts in box beside mine and the person never gives it to me. had a small package that would fit in box and said was delivered but is not there or at my door and been home all day watching for it, something needs to be done cause the seller does not want to replace item and probably no insurance through them the mail people needs to be more careful with the mail and where they put it or sorting it


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (12)


Tryed to call but they kept hanging up on me. I guess they are not concerned about there mail carrier leaving a package with a fraudulent signature. I will contact the Inspector General


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (13)

Vivian Mitchell Mitchell

Twice since Oct. 2020 I have had my pay check returned to sender! My employer calls and ask if I have moved and not notified them of the new address. This is unacceptable! When I tried to call the post office, no one answers and after a while the phone just quits ringing. This subdivision is at least 8 years old! I have lived here since July of 2019. I have a mail box with key in the postal cluster! What is going on?????


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (14)



Got a message today with tracking number and it shows delivered at 4:01 PM. Nothing was delivered, everybody was at home.#9361289679090922087399. Where is my parcel?


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (15)

Robbie Watt

I have had three issues in the past two months. The latest one is that my package says it was delivered (2nd time in two months) and it does not show on our video camera. I still have not received my "important" package and I went in and they were going to call me back...nothing. The last time, my package was not delivered because it says mail box was blocked. Looking at the video, another lie and, once again, no call back. There is a real issue with this post office.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (16)

Ruth O ONeal


Answer your phone please! I've been calling since 9:40 this morning!!!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (17)

Melissa Wheeler

I was up at 53 4 Dennis Way in Bowling Green the neighbors next-door always has the mailbox but I haven’t received mail in over a week and when he does leave it in their mail always has dates with the mailbox has been blocked just wondering what I can do thank you


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (18)

Gerald Nichols


Have attempted to call post office and it rings but no one answers. During business hours, hell of a way to run a company. No wonder this company is bankrupt and wants the american public to keep funding this company and they can't have someone answer a phone


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (19)



Answer the phone..


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (20)

Chuck O'Connor


3 things irk me about my post Office. 1) You'd think that after several years of renting my box that they'd know that. NO! I am still getting mail from previous renters of this box. Common sense has no place here. 2) If I order a large paperback book, you'd think they would put it in a larger box and leave me a key. NO! They fold it or wad it up and stick it in my box. Sometimes I can't get it out. Common sense has no place here. 3) If I order a DVD, you'd think they would put it in a larger box and leave me a key. NO! They stuff it in my box because their end has a lager opening than my end and I can't get it out without help. Common sense has no place here!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (21)

yolanda patterson


i would like to have a form sent to me for a change of address. 400 forrest park road madison tennessee 37115


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (22)

Danny amos

Fixing to press charges on my mail carrier there’s two addresses at the houses that he delivers to he has delivered everything from the IRS for them and I was supposed to get something also I did not receive it so I am fixing to press charges on the R a post office and my mail carrier because I’m tired of my mail not getting delivered


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (23)

Horrible rude service usps


(Video) Body Camera Footage EXPOSES What Our Public Servants Say About Us Behind Our Back! Educated! 1A FAIL

This is by far the worst post office and female employees ever. They are lazy and rude! The female mail carriers are the even worse. It’s unfortunate that we have to endure such horrible service. If you call them , they either don’t answer or answer and hang up. In the afternoon they just take he phone off the hook. Something needs to be done about these incompetents. The worst attitudes and I’ve even had s carrier steal packages from me ( she was fired but never the less she was able to make off with several packages that I couldn’t get refunded for. )If all usps offices are like this. We need a new system or management that is able to do their job.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (24)



You guys personally suck. You pick up the phone just to hang it up!!! You should all be fired and a whole new staff hired. This is so sad!!! There is literally a list of people saying rhe same.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (25)

Answer the Phone!


We haven't had any mail delivery this week. We live on Smallhouse RD, which has been cleared. You can't get any answer on the phone. Has there been no mail this week?


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (26)

Sydnie Fralicx


I had ordered something and it told me it was delivered yesterday at my door on in the mailbox. It said delivered on the website I ordered from and on USPS when I tracked the package. I have called all day and yesterday and I have not even been able to speak to someone because they will not answer the phone. I paid money for this package and I want to know where it is because it is not at my address.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (27)

Tyler Cook


Website says if you have a package that says delivered, but it wasn’t delivered to make sure you call your LOCAL USPS office. What do you do if they won’t answer the phone????!!!???


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (28)

Refuse to answer the phone


Can you please answer the damn phone. Called 10 times today and nobody will answer.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (29)

They won’t answer the phone


This postal service opened up at 8:30am and it’s now 8:55am I have called 15 times and no one will answer, this is unacceptable and someone needs to do something about it. Why would management ever let this occur.. many customers has this exact same complaint. Poor service.. Shame on you !!.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (30)

C Merrill


Why don’t they answer the phone????


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (31)


Doesn’t anyone have any control over the USPS! Obviously NOT! They seem to do whatever they want whenever they want. There are so MANY complaints and still nothing done. I try my best not to mail anything via USPS, however things I have ordered are usually sent USPS. I have requested that items not be sent USPS, because of the BAD service. I have so many problems getting my mail and packages. They say they left my package in the mail box, but it isn’t there, you can’t speak to anyone, because they don’t answer their phone, when you do file a complaint, it goes Nowhere, maybe it gets lost in the mail too! Just in the last two months I have had 2 gift cards I ordered have not shown up, however my informed mail says that I should have it. Now I have a package that was out for delivery on Monday that I didn’t receive, however they said it was delivered and put in or about my mailbox. NOPE! We have a security camera that shows our mailbox. I have had packages that I would have to go pickup, because they didn’t have room in their vehicle to carry it, however they said that package was left in my mail box, and later that day said it was to big to fit in my mailbox a30 lb bag of dog food ya think! USPS can do whatever they want, for years they have lived the good life and made high wages UNION, protection, that’s what they can be rude to people and not get in trouble. NowUSPS is suffering, because of the internet and being able to do most things on line. All good thing must come to and end, and so they have for them and us because of poor service.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (32)

Mahmood Qazi

In the past few weeks, my three mail/Parcel were returned due to wrong address. ( I swear my address is correct). I have been receiving mails/parcels without any problem but suddenly something got changed. Tried to reach out to this office for a delivery tracing and picking-up personally if there is a problem in address. The man who picked up the phone after three days tries was not helpful at all and was in a hurry to put down the phone and get rid of me.As a tax payer, i deserve a better service and problem fixed. I have faxed them also the problem in writing but have not heard anything back from them and not expecting that they will do any better.If Governor Andy Beshear or someone else from Government office reading this comment will bother to get back to me and resolve the problem?


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (33)

Mahmood Qazi

After Faxing them my complaint, Someone from the front desk obviously got back to me and shouted at me.!!!I was shocked by the behavior of the woman who was trying to insult me instead of explaining to me.This is what we get from our USPS in Bowling Green KY. Is there any official looking at them, Monitoring their performance, behaviors etc.?Or they are left free to shout at people, insult them and receive salaries?

• Replied to Mahmood Qazi

Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (34)

Lydia Jo shanks

This is the second week since I moved back to BG that we have not had our mail picked up or dropped off. Last week it was three days this week so far two. Cannot get anyone to answer on scottaville road so I guess it's time to report to corporate offices. If bills are late getting paid are they going to pay those as well 🤷‍♀️😡


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (35)

Claudia Pimentel

They put a a fragile box that was not su post to bend and the contain was broken


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (36)

Judy Petett


We love our mail carrier, Andy Long. So efficient, so friendly, and responsible. Treat her well.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (37)


This has been my THIRD package that says it was delivered, but nothing in my mailbox. I don’t understand why?? It’s the most annoying thing ever to wait for something for weeks, then apparently it goes missing. What is there to do?


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (38)

Donna Foster

Same here says the package delivered last night. No packages. Third time for me too

• Replied to Mads

(Video) Crime story - Bowling Green, KY

Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (39)

Bowling Green, KY

Mail carrier left an $80 package sticking out of mailbox 6-7” and door open, of course, when they could have driven in drive and walked a few steps and left on covered porch. Other times they have stuffed a package in mail box that we could hardly get out. I do not pick up my mail everyday and with rain everyday leaving a mailbox door open when it closes perfectly is Not Acceptable!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (40)

West Virginia

I have a package that has been sitting in this facility for 3 days, untouched. I understand the delay with COVID19 - but I also have had other packages delivered to me that was ordered AFTER the date of this particular one. Now - there is NO REASON FOR IT TO SIT THERE THAT LONG UNTOUCHED. I know how the USPS works, I have family that works for it. This is no excuse. More Management is my guess. SMH


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (41)

Bowling Green


HORRIBLE! answer the damn phone and do your jobs people. I will be reporting this office to corporate.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (42)


Don't bring our mail on time or at all


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (43)


I have no idea what is going on I can’t get ahold of a single person at this branch nor on the phone with your toll free number and have been sick so have tried to not go in but this is ridiculous! I have now had 7 packages go missing I’m assuming you all got a new mail carrier and the can’t do their job. If I have another go missing I’m honestly storming in there to get answers sick or not.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (44)

plano resident

Yet again, we have gotten a receipt from something that we ordered and says it was delivered yesterday. No, it wasn't. We live in a small subdivision and we have to post on our community facebook page asking who received our boxes. Unfortunately, no one has our package this time. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING???? Where is our package when the tracking says it's already been delivered a day ago???? Our whole neighborhood has problems with mail being delivered. And I call the post office daily and no one has ever answered the phone. It just cuts off after about 10 rings.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (45)



This post office is terrible. They will not even deliver mail to any of the apartment complexes near by. This makes getting my mail very difficult since I do not own a car. When I moved here they were delivering without any issue at all, then one day I guess they decided they just didnt want to deliver here anymore. I know everyone in this complex is very upset about this.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (46)


i have a subscription to entertainment magazine. it is a weekly publication. i get one, maybe, once a month. my postman on the street i live on is not very good delivering mail. where is my mail going?


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (47)



Carrier is consistently delivering other people's mail to our post box, leaves the mailbox door open to the weather, dumps boxes on the floor (one of which said "handle w/ care"), refuses to put them in the office, and is confrontational and aggressive. Extremely unprofessional. KEEP TRYING TO CALL THE POST OFFICE TO FILE A COMPLAINT BUT THE PHONE IS ALWAYS BUSY - NO ONE PICKS UP.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (48)

M. Andrade

for 2 weeks mail carrier is leaving "Sorry we missed you" tags on my mailbox...when there is someone home EVERYDAY!I have gone to try to pick up my mail 1st from the Scottsville Rd Post office which told me it is at the Rockfield Post Office, have been there 2 times, and NO ONE is ever there! I have called all numbers I can find on the websites and never an option to speak to anyone or I never get an answer.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (49)

Route 16 problems

Second time in as many weeks we had no delivery on HWY 185 almost to BG. Here a package arrived at the local PO at 9:29 this morning and was out for delivery at 7:10AM! No mail at all today. December 30, 2019, 9:29 amArrived at Post OfficeBOWLING GREEN, KY 42104 Your item arrived at the Post Office at 9:29 am on December 30, 2019 in BOWLING GREEN, KY 42104.December 30, 2019, 7:10 amOut for DeliveryBOWLING GREEN, KY 42101 December 29, 2019In Transit to Next FacilityDecember 28, 2019, 6:13 pmArrived at USPS Regional Destination FacilityNASHVILLE TN DISTRIBUTION CENTER ANNEX


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (50)

Martha Helson


(Video) Bowling Green, KY USPS pays tribute to Travis Seabolt

I for put the address where I take to it the post office on state st

• Replied to Route 16 problems

Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (51)



For the past month USPS has been refusing to deliver mail to college based apartments in Bowling Green, KY. At first it was believed they were holding packages for pickup but they are now sending them back without the receiver knowing. This is illegal and legal action will be taken.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (52)

Warren County Resident

Twice this week ,we were left missed delivery notices. they stated that we were not home. This is not true. We were home both days and never had anyone come to our door. I have called both times and have been lied to both times.One was finally redelivered. The other one ,I will have to pick up at the post office myself. Does anyone oversee these mail carriers to make sure they are doing their jobs? Very poor service,and we never know when the mail will run.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (53)

people don't answer the phone


everyone at this post office should be fired. They never answer the phone! Never!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (54)

Aaron Rigsby


Im not getting any mail at my home? I live at 1085 witt rd bowlinggreen ky 42101


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (55)

Lillian Gilbert


I have been waiting on an order sense Dec.1 2018 from Camaple flat irons have not received them. My address is 1914 Sandra St. Apt. B Bowling Green ky 42101


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (56)

joanne brock

I sent my daughter a package by 2 day mail 7 days ago. She still has not received her pacakage. It is the cord to her computer that she needs for her college classes. I have contacted the Goshen and Louisville post offices who helped me immediately. The problem is with the Bowling Green post office. Not only will noone answer the calls, every time we call we are placed on an hour hold and have yet to speak to anyone in 3 days. This is ridiculous and this was a waste of my money. I will never use the US postal service to mail a package again. This is the 3rd time this has happened in Bowling Green, KY.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (57)

Julia Scott

Someone changed our address??? Haven’t got mail in 2 weeks. Tried to fix it! No one will answer a phone call and NOONE can tell me where my and my sons mail is. I’ve lost an Apple Watch and my new debit card from the bank I want my mail!! My electric and water bill are going to scottsville. Did I meant... where is my mail!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (58)

Theresa McFarlin

I've tried calling, faxing and an in-person request to correct our listing from Business to Residential. I've been trying to get this problem corrected for 9 years now and we are still having problems. We are an apartment complex for seniors. We lease our apartments just like every other apartment complex in town. People move out and need to change their address for forwarding, but you make it IMPOSSIBLE!!! I will do whatever is required to get the status changed from business to residential, but you need to guide me on how to accomplish this!!! I was assured the last time 12 times that it would be taken care of, but to no avail.


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (59)

Lisa Gregory


When u call to asked a question but u can't answer a phone for ur customers to ask a question


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (60)

Tina Neal

Can't get a packaged delivered to BG Towers without an executive order from the freaking White House!!! My package has been send all over bG and I STILL dont have it. O paid extra it 2 days and its been a week.When I ask about it I am told it will take another 3 days to get a call because I can't find a local number.the 800 number gave me why they said was local but it was disconnected. Beyond pissed off!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (61)

Mary A. Hendricks

My husband went to PO June 1st to change our mail to a new address. Why haven’t we gotten our mail after 21 days. That’s BS


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (62)

Tami Lechner

My daughter has not been receiving any mail to her dorm at WKU, Pearce Ford Tower since since the beginning of school. Mailing address is Pearce ford tower, 1766 avenues if champions, bowling green, ky 42101. I have called all depts at school and all post offices that I can get through to plus online. No one seems to know anything! I am pretty frustrated!


Post Office in Bowling Green, KY (63)


I sent a package from Denver to LA and it was diverted (stolen) to 42101 in Bowling Green KY and a notice was left on the door of the thief to be picked up 6-14-13 . Tracking number VI 765 066 889 US. Is there anyway to hold it ? The true shipping address in LA is inside the box.



How do I contact my local post office? ›

U.S. Postal Service
  1. Website: U.S. Postal Service (USPS)
  2. Contact: Contact the U.S. Postal Service.
  3. Local Offices: Locate a Post Office.
  4. Toll Free: 1-800-275-8777. 1-800-222-1811 (Track and Confirm a Package)
  5. TTY: 1-877-889-2457.
  6. Forms: Postal Service Forms.

How do I contact the local post office postmaster? ›

Call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or TTY: 1-800-877-8339. Speak to the station manager (postmaster) at a local post office.

Where is my local USPS office? ›

Find USPS Locations (or send directions) and hours of operation using Nov 2, 2021 Knowledge
  1. Fill in your City and State or just your ZIP Code™.
  2. In the drop-down list under “Location Types”, make a selection (Post Office, Self-Service Kiosk, Collection Box, etc.).

Does USPS deliver to post office? ›

Yes - you (the addressee) have the option to send your eligible package to a different address or to a Post Office™ for pickup, but there is a postage fee.

What to do if my mail wasn't delivered? ›

Find Missing Mail
  1. Check the Current Status. Before you begin your search, if your package or mail has tracking, check USPS Tracking® to see its current status. ...
  2. Complete a Help Request Form. ...
  3. Submit a Missing Mail Search Request.

Why does the Post Office not answer the phone? ›

Likely they are understaffed and are busy. Most post offices don't take calls. There is a national line for inquiries.

How do I stop junk mail from being delivered by the postman? ›

To opt out permanently: Go to or call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688) to start the process. But to complete your request, you'll need to sign and return the Permanent Opt-Out Election form you'll get after you've started the process.

What does a local postmaster do? ›

Plan, direct, or coordinate operational, administrative, management, and support services of a U.S. post office; or coordinate activities of workers engaged in postal and related work in assigned post office.

Does the post office take complaints seriously? ›

The USPS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) primarily investigates complaints about misconduct or criminal activity on the part of USPS employees or contractors. These crimes typically include such things as fraud, embezzlement, or theft or destruction of mail.

Is USPS same as post office? ›

The United States Postal Service (USPS), also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service, is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service in the U.S., including its insular areas and associated states.

Can I pick up an item from USPS? ›

Customers may go to their local Post Office pickup location based on the information on the back of their Redelivery Notice. Customers may go to the Post Office to pickup the item on or after the date and time indicated on the PS Form 3849 delivery notice.

Will USPS print my label? ›

USPS retail associates print labels right at the Post Office® location when customers are ready to send packages.

Can I call my Post Office about a package? ›

For its 1-800-ASK-USPS customer care line, the Postal Service employs an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to answer calls, automatically handling routine issues such as package tracking, finding post office locations and hours, and submitting hold mail requests.

Can local Post Office pick up mail? ›

You can pick up your mail at your local Post Office™ location or your letter-carrier can deliver your mail on the ending date you specify. Please note the following: You must present one of the Acceptable Forms of Identification if you choose to pick up your mail.


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